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Neutral Pronouns, Please by Rainbow-Reverse
I don't mean to turn my page into a social justice rant, but people always assume I'm female, even here. Tell me, do you see anything on this page that proves I'm even biologically female? Any neutral pronoun will do. I even prefer "it" over "she or "he."

:iconthekaibutsuqueen: Hey, Nessa! Couldn't stand to delete your "icon" even if it's really nothing, a deleted account. So that's where Nessa used to be on the internet, guys. Was one of my favorite pages.

My peeps that I know in person:

Ya'll should check out everyone here; they're all amazing! :heart:

- Nyotalia Chibitalia from Hetalia
- Fionna from Adventure Time
- Canada from Hetalia
- Castiel from Supernatural
- human Ariel from The Little Mermaid
- Up next: Shhh! It's a surprise! That some of you know about anyway...
- Coming soon: Flower Nurse from .flow & Pinkie Pie from MLP:FiM

And I claim the title of the Toriningen Ruler! :icontoriningenplz:

Check it out, lobsters, Monrussia!

Oh, hey! I just wanted to say here that I usually don't respond to thank yous. It's not that I don't appreciate them or anything. I'm just really awkward and uncomfortable saying the same you're welcome all over the page. I worry that it doesn't sound sincere because I'm silly and worry about stuff like that.
But let me assure you that if you're thankful for the favourite or the watch, you're very, very welcome, and you certainly deserve it. I wouldn't favourite or watch if I didn't think your work was awesome!
But if you want to express your thanks, go ahead! I do read them all, and it's really nice of you to take the time out of your day to find my page to say it!
Thanks, guys!
The Wreck This Journal! My old ponytails of hair are sitting on my shelf, shivering in anticipation. No really, but how creepy would that be? 

Warning: This has turned into some sort of update on my life. It might be interesting, I dunno. Probably not.

My stepdad ordered a "used" one from Amazon, though. It probably just means the person had it and it's not new, straight from the store. Not that it'll arrive with gum and dead bugs already in it. I hope. 

Still waiting for that Harkstiel shirt.…

But I can't complain much. I'm spoiled. I got some new, expensive perfume today. In a set with lotion and shower gel. It feels really girly to say that. But I rubbed some of the lotion on my arms, and now my arms smell gorgeous. I plan on using this scent in my Wreck This Journal. 

Along with all that, though, I've got plenty of things I need to catch up on. I've not worked on my new multi-chapter fanfiction for a while, and I'm really excited for it, just a bit unmotivated. 
I've got an rp to respond to, which I'm also excited for but also unmotivated. 
Now I've started messing with Twine, and I'm trying to make a fanfiction project on there, too. Longer than a multi-chapter 'cause it's an interactive fanfiction with multiple endings. Lorde.
And as always, comments to respond to that have probably already been forgotten. 
And then, when I get this book, it'll be another thing on my list to do. 
At least this stuff is all for fun. I don't actually have to do them. I just really, really, really want to, and because I really want to, I keep pressuring and rushing myself, which makes me feel tired of these things and unmotivated to do them. 

Unlike my summer homework, one assignment to read a totally disgusting, transphobic book, and another assignment that my teacher cheated the system to assign, meaning, I shouldn't have to do it at all. Those things I have no inspiration for, and am even more pressured to complete, therefore less motivated.

Then I have things coming up. FandomFest is in two weeks, and I'm super excited for that. A year ago, this con was the public debut of my Casplay, and I'm wearing it again this year - hopefully improved at my ability to take in-character photos without looking like some bored kid, hopefully have lost some weight 'cause Cas isn't fat, dangit, and I don't believe in body-policing cosplay (or body-policing at all), but I'm just so uncomfortable being a fat Cas, ya feel?
And this year, I have a Sam with me! I have a wig for you and/or plenty of plaid shirts if you need it, precious. And also someone I don't know but is probs super cool 'cause she's my friend's friend.

I've also successfully changed my phone's ringtone to Fly Away from Panty & Stocking, and I've asked my mom to call me several times throughout the day. If someone notices, understands both fandoms enough to get it, and laughs, it'll make my entire life.

Before that, though, I'm probably taking a nice getaway trip to French Lick. I have friends who have never heard of French Lick. They thought I was talking about a vacation full of tongue kissing. 
But French Lick is this gorgeous little town full of shops and fancy hotels and villas and a horse stable, and there's even a train where you can go get robbed by bandits for fun! 
We were supposed to have already gone, but arguments about it between my parents have postponed it. I agree with my mom: we need to stay two nights, not just one. Like what the heck? Just one night? 

We were supposed to go to the Corvette museum too and see the Corvettes and the sinkholes, but that's cancelled for arguing parent reasons too. 

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