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I have to explain. 

Okay, maybe not really explain in detail, but you know. 

Whether you've sent me a note, a comment, whatever, if I'm not responding, it is not because I'm trying to ignore you! I'm going through another little era of depression, and I often find myself unable to answer because no matter what I say - even if it's just something to indicate that I'm not ignoring you or even if it's just common manners to respond a particular way - it's gonna be total crap and bother everyone for the simple reason that it's something I've said. 

Now about school. I won't be returning for senior year. I'm leaving the school and continuing my education from home for mental health reasons. 
I doubt anyone'll miss me much, but I wanted to kind of announce that here so that I couldn't be held accountable for not letting anyone know. I can't bring myself to message anyone individually at the moment because it'd only be a bother, and I honestly, honestly doubt anyone'd care, and I don't want to make anyone feel obligated to keep in touch with me.
I'm unsure of what to do about those friends who don't know my dA and therefore won't find this. I told myself I was done asking questions, but please forgive me for this: Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you if you've read this. Even if you find it laughable.
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United States
Neutral Pronouns, Please by Rainbow-Reverse
I don't mean to turn my page into a social justice rant, but people always assume I'm female, even here. Tell me, do you see anything on this page that proves I'm even biologically female? Any neutral pronoun will do. I even prefer "it" over "she or "he."

:iconthekaibutsuqueen: Hey, Nessa! Couldn't stand to delete your "icon" even if it's really nothing, a deleted account. So that's where Nessa used to be on the internet, guys. Was one of my favorite pages.

My peeps that I know in person:

Ya'll should check out everyone here; they're all amazing! :heart:

- Nyotalia Chibitalia from Hetalia
- Fionna from Adventure Time
- Canada from Hetalia
- Castiel from Supernatural
- human Ariel from The Little Mermaid
- Up next: Shhh! It's a surprise! That some of you know about anyway...
- Coming soon: Flower Nurse from .flow & Pinkie Pie from MLP:FiM

And I claim the title of the Toriningen Ruler! :icontoriningenplz:

Check it out, lobsters, Monrussia!

Oh, hey! I just wanted to say here that I usually don't respond to thank yous. It's not that I don't appreciate them or anything. I'm just really awkward and uncomfortable saying the same you're welcome all over the page. I worry that it doesn't sound sincere because I'm silly and worry about stuff like that.
But let me assure you that if you're thankful for the favourite or the watch, you're very, very welcome, and you certainly deserve it. I wouldn't favourite or watch if I didn't think your work was awesome!
But if you want to express your thanks, go ahead! I do read them all, and it's really nice of you to take the time out of your day to find my page to say it!
Thanks, guys!

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